Care Home Entertainer

Quite a departure from the usual party & function band music on Saturday afternoon as played solo for a halloween party at a local residential care home. Had to call on the rather older material from the repertoire – haven’t played some of them for a very long time. Always more than happy providing entertainment for the elderly – they’re always a very appreciative audience!

Words for “The Ladies Song”

Usually masonic ladies nights bands are required to provide accompaniment for The Ladies Song. Our pianist would usually do this or it can be the full band if preferred.

These days it is usually performed by a member of the Lodge, the toastmaster or a “choir” of Lodge members seems to becoming increasingly popular.

We have played for several different version of the Masonic Ladies Song over the years and the words for the more popular ones (including several variations) are on our Masonic Ladies Song page.

David Baddiel – New Show

Followed David Baddiel’s “work in progress” show last week. Very amusing look at fame but also managed to weave in a lots laughs on the darker side of it – particularly the power of newspapers to misrepresent people and situations without conscience. Will be great it this progresses to a full stand-up show.

David Baddiel

Lady Rizo

Last couple of weeks have been playing after Lady Rizo’s amazing show. The new cabaret Diva hopefully destined to become a big name.

Great performer and creative use of lighting really effective. Whitney Houston “interpretation” very funny.

Show is definitely something a bit different.

lady rizo 1

Rich Hall’s Hoedown

Very much enjoyed playing after Rich Hall’s Hoedown show in February for a late night piano spot. Great show – He has an amazing ability to take random suggestions for the audience and weave them into highly amusing songs and the band just go with him.

One of the highlights for me was one of his guest girl singers performing what initially sounded like a cutesy country song but turned out to be rather more sinister but very funny (now know why some people are left handed!).

Rich Hall